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Phase Converters

Phase Converters for Sale

NL Series Phase Converters

Converter Single Phase to Three Phase with perfect Balanced Voltage, Cast Iron Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Generator is used for any applications, great for wood working and metal working, indoor or outdoor use. Our custom made enclosures are made with heavy gauge powder coated steel. Hinge door for easy installation and access, also made to be used for indoor or outdoor use. It includes a voltage meter displaying your generated voltage.

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PL Series Phase Converters

Same as the NL model but with an additional magnetic started and a Start and Stop Button, this offer also a safety feature, if you ever lose power the phase converter will stay in the off position even when the power is restore to the phase converter, this feature is recommenced especially for equipment that can be hazardous to injury. Saws, lathes, drill press, ect….

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Phase Converters Package with Transformer

Some equipment will require 460 volts only to operate, so you will need a package providing 230 volt single phase to the phase converter with three phase 460 volts output. You will need a phase converter to convert single phase power to three phase power, then a transformer to go from 230 volts to 460 volts three phase.

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Phase Converters Package with Transformer and Autolink

When requiring a transformer to boost your voltage to 460 voltage from 230 volts after a phase converter you will need To start the phase converter up first before putting the load of a transformer online, you can use a simple disconnect box to do This, you will start the phase converter and then use the disconnect box to apply the 3 phase to the transformer, only Phoenix Phase Converters offer a AutoLink Box, not only is it convenient that the AutoLink with automatically connect the transformer to the phase converter, but if you use a disconnect instead and forget to turn it off after using the phase converter at start up again you could damage the phase converter with the transformer online with the converter, the AutoLink with protect this situation.

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Pairing two phase converters

There are many advantages pairing two phase converter together, when purchasing a phase converter can be difficult to decide What size phase converter you might need in the future use too. With Phoenix Phase Converter you can add phase converters to the existing phase converter you have, so you can expand the size of your phase converter as your business grows. Also if your application requires a larger phase converter you can got with two small sizes for example instead of using a single 100 HP converter you can use two 50 HP converters, to make the installation cost lower also easier. Then you will have the ability to use on or the other or both at the same time.

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AutoStart Phase Converter.

This amazing feature works so well, one of our popular selling products, this phase converter is best used for air compressors, irrigation, CNC machine and any equipment that needs automation. The phase converter has a patented design to detect if the equipment need to turn on, then the phase converter will start first then give the equipment the power to start and then turn off automatically when the equipment isn’t in use, it has programmable feature to delay the auto shutoff that best fits your application.

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If you’ve been searching for digital phase converters for sale online, search no further. Phoenix Phase Converters is proud to offer top-of-the-line digital rotary phase converters that are guaranteed to last for years to come. We understand that everyone’s personal circumstances are different, which is why we take the time to learn about our customers’ needs prior to recommending a rotary or static phase converter for sale. Our team will go the extra mile to find a digital phase converter that will work best for you.

Phoenix Phase Converters offers phase converter products and accessories, including: rotary phase converters, 440 volt phase converters, panels, digital phase converters, and phase converter panels. In addition to offering a large selection of digital phase converters for sale, we also offer systems that include autostart capabilities. Depending on the specifications of your application, you may also decide to purchase a transformer to accommodate your electrical power system. Phoenix Phase Converters provides affordable packages that include both phase converters and transformers at a single rate.

Our rotary phase converter kits for sale are proven to last in a wide range of environments and are available for affordable prices. We also offer a large selection of electric motors including Cobra motors, IEC motors, washdown motors, and oil pump motors. If you have questions about phase converters, give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 or fill out our Contact Form.

Industrial Duty - Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled - Built in Phoenix Arizona, Delivers Precision Balanced 3-phase Voltage from a Single Phase Power Supply.

STANDARD OPTION - Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled, great for outdoors, woodworking shops, metal working shops, dirty or dusty environments.

  • Phase converter sizes range from 2 to 100 HP
  • Phase converters from single to 3 phase
  • Electric phase converters
  • Digital 3 phase converters
  • Three phase converters
  • 10 HP phase converter for sale
  • 20 HP rotary phase converter
  • 15 HP rotary phase converter
  • Digital phase converters that feature top rated performance
  • Excellent customer support is provided with all phase converters for sale

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a Static Phase Converter Used For?

A static phase converter is engineered to replicate 3 phase electricity to activate an electric motor. After the electric motor is operating properly, the static phase converter will deactivate. Once the static converter is shut down, the electric motor will utilize single phase power to operate.

Will a Static Phase Converter Cause an Electric Motor to Operate at Full Capacity?

No. A static phase converter is designed to disconnect once the electric motor is activated. As a result, the electric motor will operate on a single phase of electrical power. Once the electric motor is activated, two of the three motor windings are triggered. Due to the electrical constraints, do not utilize a static phase converter to operate a large load.

What Type of Equipment & Supplies Do I Need to Operate a Rotary Phase Converter?

To operate a rotary phase converter properly, you will be required to obtain a single phase electrical connection, conduit, wires, and an adapter. On the other hand, the type of equipment and supplies that are recommended to operate a rotary phase converter will vary depending on the integration with the rotary phase converter and electrical power load.

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Should I Use a Rotary Phase Converter or Install 3 Phase Electrical Lines On My Property?

The total cost of purchasing and operating a rotary phase converter is less when compared to investing in 3-phase electrical lines. A majority of power distribution organizations will recommend utilizing a phase converter to generate reliable three phase electricity. Phoenix Phase Converters offers a large selection of rotary phase converters that are engineered to maintain CNC hardware.

Does a Rotary Phase Converter Produce Loud Noises While It’s Activated?

Our catalog of rotary phase converters are integrated with generators that produce minimal noise. The cast iron generators are equipped with a stainless steel connection plate and provide superior performance when compared to a standard three-phase electrical motor. In fact, the three phase hardware in your facility will probably produce more noise than the rotary phase converter.

How Many Rotary Phase Converters Do I Need to Operate Each Of My Three Phase Systems?

Depending on the configuration of your facility, a single rotary phase converter can be utilized to operate various three-phase systems. Prior to choosing a capacity for your phase converter, you will be required to perform an inspection to confirm the total quantity of three-phase systems that will be activated simultaneously. In addition, it’s important to be familiar with the total amount of systems you will need to operate at the same time. These variables will make it easier to compare and choose a rotary phase converter for your organization.

In most cases, a three-phase operational control mechanism will be utilized to supply electricity to each three-phase system. If you select a proper capacity, a single rotary phase converter can be used to provide trustworthy three phase power to an entire facility. In most cases, the process of sizing a rotary phase converter is not easy. Give our team a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 to receive assistance choosing a phase converter for sale.

Our Phase Converters Are Compatible With CNC Equipment

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are utilized in various commercial industries that require 3 phase power. These machines are highly sensitive to unbalanced voltage levels. Using a rotary phase converter that provides varying voltage outputs will decrease the lifespan of your equipment. In addition, unbalanced voltage levels will negatively impact the operation of your hardware.

To operate a CNC machine, you are required to purchase a CNC rotary phase converter that loses or gains a maximum of 5% voltage balance. Unbalanced voltages provided by standard phase converters may lead to issues such as inefficient performance and operational noises. The CNC phase converters for sale in our catalog are able to be utilized with all categories of hardware and CNC equipment, including PLC’s, milling systems, EDM’s, and lathes.

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What Kind of Phase Converter Should I Purchase?

Depending on the hardware in your facility, you may be required to purchase a digital rotary phase converter or rotary phase converter. A digital rotary phase converter is engineered to provide 3 phase power to your equipment at the start of the operational process. However, this type of phase converter for sale will transition to providing single phase power throughout the remainder of the operation cycle. Types of equipment that require a high torque start-up and lower horsepower (HP) ratings include milling systems and commercial saws.

On the other hand, our rotary phase converters for sale are designed to convert single-phase electrical power to three-phase power. This type of phase converter is compatible with sensitive equipment that requires consistent three-phase power. Our rotary phase converters for sale are engineered to supply power to EDM’s, PLC’s, lathes, pumping units, and more. Phoenix Phase Converters supplies a large selection of rotary phase converters that are able to accommodate various commercial applications. Give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 or contact a technician online to receive assistance.


Intelligent Technology

You are able to monitor the performance of your rotary phase converter with the 7" HD Touch Screen Display and intuitive digital interface. This digital phase converter for sale makes it easy to monitor all your voltages, while the software will do it for you too. The software is designed to protect your rotary phase converter too. It will monitor against high voltages and spikes, voltage drops or overloads, and even tell what you the issue is and how to fix it! Making it the most robust and dependable digital phase converter for sale on the market today.

Power Block

Auto Shut-Off Functionality

The digital phase converters in our catalog includes a function that allows you to specify the total amount of time it should be activated throughout the day. Move the slider from minutes to hours on the system. Our phase converters for sale also allow you to specify a schedule to ensure it is automatically deactivated at the end of the day.

Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled

Advanced Integrated Computer

The digital phase converters for sale in our catalog include an advanced computer that provides you with endless possibilities. The digital phase converter will run with or without the computer. While the computer is activated, you will have on-screen controls including auto shut-off, voltage meters on, over-voltage and low-voltage detection.


Terminal Power Block

All digital phase converters with AutoStart for sale include a terminal block that provides you with a convenient way to manage your power distribution needs. It is rated for copper or aluminum conductors and is tin-plated. This power block also includes safety covers on larger digital phase converters. The power block that is used with our digital phase converters provides an easy connection and is non-corrosive or oversized.

Power Block

Durable Panel Layout

The digital phase converters for sale feature a panel design that includes heavy-gauge steel and is powder-coated. This digital phase converter also includes durable hinges and exceeds NEMA 3R standards. The phase converter is easy to open for maintenance and installation. The removable top and bottom panels that can be replaced or removed for easier installation.

Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled

Capacitor Holders

The capacitors are securely integrated with our digital phase converters by holders that place no stress on the hardware. The capacitors in this system are easy to clean and replace. However, even with the built-in technology the capacitors in this digital phase converter should last a lifetime and never need servicing. We are neat freaks! Not a single rotary phase converter for sale leaves our facility, unless it is absolutely perfect. Our digital rotary phase converters With AutoStart feature no crossed wires and are hand built.


Phase Converter Generator & Idler

Our selection of digital phase converters for sale feature a generator and idler that boast a cast iron frame, corrosion resistant hardware, and a stainless steel connection plate. The generators that are available with our selection of digital phase converters also include a cast Iron conduit box, over sized bearings, cast iron inner and outer bearing retainers, and vacuum impregnated windings. Each 4140 Steel Shaft Rotor Generator and static phase converter for sale is engineered to preform in a wide range of environments and we prepare them for the task. From the cast iron frame and dual oversized bearings and seals, this generator is ready for the toughest environments.

Power Block

Power Block

We use a terminal block with our digital and static phase converters for sale because they provide a convenient way to manage your power distribution needs. The power block is UL Listed, rated for copper or aluminum conductors, Tin-plated, with safety covers on larger digital phase converters. This power block provides an easy connection and it is non-corrosive and oversized. We use this block with the consumer in mind. It makes your installation easy, fast, and secure.

Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled

Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled

Cast Iron Frame, Corrosion Resistant Hardware, Stainless Steel Connection Plate, Cast Iron Conduit Box, Over Sized Bearings, Cast Iron Inner & Outer Bearing Retainers, Vacuum Impregnated Windings, 4140 Steel Shaft Rotor. Generator is made to preform in a wide range of environments and we prepare them for the task. From the cast iron frame and dual oversized bearings and seals. This generator is ready for the toughest environments.

Voltage Panel Display

Voltage Panel Display

The 3 ½ inch intuitive display on our selection of digital phase converters for sale make it easy for you to monitor your single phase voltage or your generated phase for consistency. It features a blue backlight that makes it easy to see. Without opening up any covers and using a voltmeter you can always see that the static phase converter is working properly for your equipment. It will shut on and off with your phase converter.

Digital Protection and Push Button Control

Digital Phase Converter Protection & Push Button Control

Whether you are in a rural area or not, voltage drops or dips can occur. Our rotary phase converter kits include digital protection and intuitive buttons to help protect the component inside the digital phase converter. It will also protect against overloading the phase converter. This will help eliminate costly labor, material, and down time.


Digital Phase Converter Wiring

Not a single phase converter for sale leaves our facility unless it is absolutely perfect. Our rotary phase converter kits do not have any crossed wires and include secure tied downs. All digital phase converters are hand built and go through a four level inspection process right before they are packaged and shipped. Our static phase converters include heavy gauge wires and thick insulation. They are also resistant to heat and moisture.

Convert 1 Phase to 3 Phase Power

How does a single phase to 3 phase converter work?

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