Three Phase Power Transformers

One-to-One, Variable, Step-Up, and Step-Down 3 Phase Transformers for Sale

3 Phase Power Transformers are designed to supply electric power to 3-phase systems. These 3 Phase High Voltage Transformers have 3 circuit conductors and may or may not have a neutral wire. The 3 phase power that is produced by 3 Phase Power Transformers is used by electric power distribution grids and to power large motors and other large loads.

Phoenix Phase Converters offers a large selection of 3 phase transformers, variable transformers, step-up transformers, and step-down transformers to meet the unique requirements of your project. Please feel free to reach out to one of our specialists to with questions or concerns about our selection of 3 phase power transformers.

Like other types of power transformers, three phase transformers are used to increase or decrease the voltage from one side of the transformer to the other. The turn ratio or number of windings on the primary and secondary sides of the device determines the change in voltage. One-to-one three phase power transformers have a turn ratio of 1:1 or near 1:1. Variable transformers are three phase devices with a setting for changing the turn ratio as needed. Step-up transformers produce a secondary voltage that is larger than the primary voltage. Step-down transformers have a secondary voltage that is smaller than the primary voltage.

Three Phase Transformers

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We carry the largest selection of 3 phase transformers, one-to-one transformers, variable transformers, step-up transformers, and step-down transformers on the market. You will not find a better priced phase transformer on the market. Have questions? Give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060.

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Variable Transformers

Variable Transformers are utilized in commercial applications that require varying amounts of voltage. This type of system is able to produce different levels of power from a single input. Unlike standard transformers, variable transformers only feature a single coil, which is the voltage and load are not separated. Since these types of transformers only include a single coil, they are not useful for certain types of projects.

Step-Up Transformers

A step-up transformer is a type of system that produces a high output voltage from a low-input voltage. This type of electrical transformer is utilized to process the voltage from the alternator in transmission lines. Step-up transformers are also utilized by electric motors, x-ray machines, microwave ovens, and power plants.

Step Down Transformers

Step-down transformers feature both primary and secondary coils. The primary coil features more turns of wire when compared to the other coil. This causes the voltage in the secondary coil to be reduced. Step-down electrical transformers are used to reduce output voltage levels. This type of electrical transformer is used in hardware such as televisions and inverters. Step-down transformers are also utilized at distribution substations.

How Does a Transformer Work?

Three phase transformers are utilized in advanced commercial applications that require massive loads and power distribution because of the financial benefits. While single phase transformers are a popular option, three phase high-voltage transformers are more effective to meet the requirements of large power distribution.

In order to meet the electrical requirements of commercial and residential areas, three phase transformers are utilized to regulate voltage levels. In order to ensure you receive enough power at your facility, the power is pushed at higher voltages to eliminate issues associated with power loss. To confirm each organization receives an adequate power supply, three phase step-up transformers are utilized to boost voltage levels prior to transmission. Once the voltage reaches the end of the distribution path, a step-down transformer is used to reduce voltage levels.

How to Configure a Three Phase Electrical Transformer

There are ways to configure a three phase transformer for power distribution. The first way to configure this type of system is to connect three single phase transformers that feature identical operating specifications. Phoenix Phase Converters offers a large catalog of single phase power transformers that include innovative features accompanied with high-quality parts or components.

A benefit of connecting three single phase electrical transformers together instead of utilizing a single three phase transformer system is reliability in hazardous situations. If an individual single phase transformer begins to malfunction, the system is able to continuously monitor or adjust incoming voltage levels at a lower capacity.

Instead of relying on three single phase transformers to monitor electricity levels, you may also choose to purchase an individual three phase transformer that includes six windings. Since this is a single unit, the total weight and space is decreased when compared to three single phase system configurations. Phoenix Phase Converters offers a large supply of three phase converters to meet the requirements of your application.

Types of Three Phase Transformer Connections

Three phase electrical transformers feature Primary and Secondary windings that can be attached by utilizing a couple different methods. The total voltage and current ratings will vary based on the suitable connection. The most common types of connections in three phase high voltage transformers include Delta-Star, Delta-Delta, Star-Delta, and Star-Star.

Benefits of Using Three Phase Electrical Transformers

Each of the three phase electrical transformers provided by Phoenix Phase Converters is shipped pre-configured to ensure an intuitive and quick installation. In addition, our catalog of three phase transformers include a light and compact configuration. Each transformer is designed with a form factor that allows for easy maintenance, tune-up, or repair. Give us a call by phone at (866) 418-9060 or (602) 640-0930 to receive assistance.

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